Hi there!  I'm Mindi!  I'm currently supporting myself as a Pharmacy Technician near Fort Worth, Texas.  I moved here in January 2012 to be closer to my boyfriend.  I've lived in Texas my whole life, but I'd love to get out and see the world!

When I'm not at work, I love reading novels (classics, sci-fi, gothic, and dark comedies are some of my favorite genres.)  I am also incredibly obsessed with movies.  I love movies!  I'm running out of display space for my collection and am going to have to build something for them soon!  If you ever want to start a convo with me, but am unsure where to start...I could easily talk about movies all day.  I have my own apartment which I share with my two cats Brando and Sprinkles, my rats Earl, Valentine, and Crumpet, and my Snake Nayner.  I enjoy drawing (mostly illustrations and doodles these days), pressing flowers, collecting insects and things from nature.  I love going hiking and always bring my camera along for nature photography.  I'm currently trying to change my lifestyle and become more healthy and fit, so I will hopefully be sharing more recipes and inspirational posts.  I'm also getting ready to launch my etsy shop: Soap Cute.  I can't wait to open shop and share what I've been making!

If you'd like to learn more about me, send me an email at mindiwooley@gmail.com!  I'd love to hear from you!